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Wiley Trading Guide Vol 2


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Some of the most successful traders in the U.S., Australia, and Asia share their secrets with you

Following on the heels of the bestselling Volume I, The Wiley Trading Guide, Volume II brings together an elite selection of writings from many of the most successful traders in the world today. These market aces share their secrets on everything from arbitrage to precious metals trading, options and commodity futures to technical analysis. Featuring completely new material from each contributor, this book offers intermediate to experienced traders a veritable gold mine of indispensable information on how to make a killing in the financial markets in the wake of the global financial crisis.

  • Hot topics covered include automated forex trading, why silver will leave gold in the dust, technical analysis of the energy and commodity futures markets, and market conscious trading
  • New writings by trading luminaries based in the U.S., Australia and Asia, including Roger Kinsky, Colin Nicholson, Jeff Cartridge, Ashley Jessen, Ramon Barros, Jacob Bernstein, Chris Kacher, Gil Morales, and Kathy Lien
About the authors v

Preface xvii

1 Planning to succeed
Your journey from novice to great investor
Colin Nicholson 1

2 Market-conscious trading
Trade the market and not yourself
Chris Shea 25

3 The importance of position size
How to squeeze every possible advantage out of your current trading systems
Jeff Cartridge and Ashley Jessen 45

4 Success in the day trading game
Fact, fantasy or foolish dream?
Jacob Bernstein 71

5 Big profifi ts from small caps
How to find diamonds in the rough
David Hunt 83

6 Applied technical analysis in the oil markets
A key influence in price movements
Tom James 107

7 Riding the silver bull market
Investing and trading the precious metals
John Christian 133

8 Automated forex trading
Let your computer do the work
Keith Nielsen 151

9 Keeping a close eye on company directors
Profiting from those in the know
Delia Langdon 175

10 Understanding the implications of market context in technical chart patterns
Context is everything
Dr Chris Kacher and Gil Morales 199

11 An introduction to Barros Swings
Spotting real trend changes
Ray Barros 219

12 Extracting consistent profifi t via the Microswing Trend Capture Technique
The critical role of position allocation, money management and opportunity-based exposure in trend trading
Mark Andrew Lim 243

13 Pivot point analysis
Projecting support and resistance levels
John Person 267

14 The Tandem Method
A trading style using moving averages and trendlines
Regina Meani 287

15 Band trading
A profitable alternative to trend trading
Roger Kinsky 315

Index 337

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