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$0 To Rich, Women's Guide To Getting

By: Tracey 


To Rich: The Everyday Woman’s Guide To Getting Wealthy

What does ‘rich’ mean to you? Perhaps it’s a huge mansion and an overseas holiday every year, or maybe a simple comfortable home with no financial worries … Written specifically for women, 0 to Rich aims to be a girl’s personal financial coach, guiding readers towards achieving their own financial goals by following five easy steps. Readers will learn how to define what ‘rich’ means to them and articulate exactly what they want. The book then explains how to set and achieve these financial goals over a defined time period. This practical, interactive book covers: – how to create and follow a no-fuss budget – easy savings tips to fast track your financial milestones – savings and investment options to help you grow your money faster and reach your goals sooner. Tracey Edwards is the author of Shopping for Shares — The Everyday Woman’s guide to the Australian Stock Market (1740311558).

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Dimensions32.5 × 23 × 2 cm

Edwards, Tracey


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