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The Wiley Trading Guide

$49.95 $10.00

 This book is damaged – back cover removed. Complete contents


Australia’s #1 business publisher is proud to publish The Wiley Trading Guide including writing from some of the best trading authors and professionals operating in Australia and the US. With new material from some of Wiley’s best-selling trading authors including Louise Bedford, Daryl Guppy, Chris Tate, Stuart McPhee and more, this guide is the must-have book for traders looking to capitalise on the market recovery in 2010. Hot topics covered include Forex, futures, charting, CFDs, computerised trading, trading plans and trading psychology.


1 Financial markets as complex adaptive systems – Using the right tactics at the right time (Alan Hull).

2 Planning your trade to success – Why a personal plan is vital for successful trading (Justine Pollard).

3 Lies my broker told me – Time in the market and other financial myths (Chris Tate).

4 Devising a trading strategy – Why consistency is key (Stuart McPhee).

5 The pursuit of profit – How to find lucrative trading opportunities (Davin Clarke).

6 Getting the edge using intermarket technical analysis – Using other markets’ trends to help you trade yours (Peter Pontikis).

7 ETF power trading strategies – Enhancing profits with better trading solutions (Daryl Guppy).

8 Sustained profi table trading – Transitioning to trading for profit (Gary Stone).

9 Trading chicks are doing it for themselves! Do women trade as well as blokes? (Louise Bedford).

10 With the click of a mouse – Can computers enhance investment returns? (Tom Scollon).

11 Combining analysis methods – How to get the best of both worlds (Jim Berg).

12 The psychology of success – Taking control of your trading and your life (Dr Harry Stanton).

13 Mentality matters – Avoiding the stress trap (Glen Larson).

14 Of motorbikes and trading types – Exploring the parallels (Guy Bower).

15 Forex strategies and tactics – Why and when to trade currencies (Wayne McDonell).

16 The risky business of forex – How to be prepared before you jump right in (Leon Wilson).

17 Stepping into futures – An introduction to trading futures (Kel Butcher).


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