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Candlesticks & Pivot Point Strategies DVD


A winning trading strategy is one that positions you on the winning side of huge moves, and does so in a way that it can actually be implemented.

In this new course, John Person, a 28-year trading veteran, gives you just that, the strategies that allow you to stop guessing and start targeting. You get the formula for finding the right pivots and targets for big profits. With a detailed explanation of pivot point analysis and candlestick chart construction, Person will share his favorite combinations so you don’t have to take chances; you can stack the odds in your favor.

Inside, Person reveals:

• How to choose the correct support and resistance points to confirm your pivots,

• The precise way to combine these candle patterns with pivot points to increase the winning percentage,

• Which price data points are critical to finding profitable trades and why they could be costing you money now,

• Complete details of this proven formula that spots big moves before they happen, so you can get the gains.

Person has studied technical analysis for decades and has waded through a huge list of approaches to find the indicators and patterns that work. Now you have access to the recipe of technical factors that have worked for this veteran of nearly every type of market. Don’t miss your chance to get this winning strategy working for you; start watching today.


• The most revealing information on Pivot Point Analysis that works to find trades,

• Both known candle patterns and unknown (and which ones work best),

• Clear and powerful reversal patterns that set-up big money trades,

• How seasonal patterns can solidly confirm a huge breakout and get you in early,

• Breaking down the myths of the doji candle pattern and how to truly trade it for gains,

• Candle charts that hand you money-making triggers and dream set-ups.

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Dimensions32.5 × 23 cm


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