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How to Profit from Breakouts Using Options.


Right now, traders are making money from stocks that repeatedly consolidate and then break out in explosive moves. With a list of the characteristics all big moves share in your hands, you can consistently grab nice juicy profits. In this brand new course, bestselling author Guy Cohen hands you this simple list, which will put you ahead of the markets and position you for windfall trades.

THE KEY TO BIG MONEY IS FINDING STOCKS THAT LEND THEMSELVES TO THE STRONGEST BREAKOUTS. Cohen has pinpointed these conditions and walks you through each one, including:

• Basic, reliable patterns that produce the greatest winning percentage,

• What you can gain from news and how to incorporate it with technicals analysis,

• How open interest as an indicator can multiply the profit power of each pattern,

• Parameters for options trades that reduce risk and increase upside.

In addition, this course gives you the exact specifications of consolidation patterns. These will spotlight massive upside trades as they build up power. Just think of what you can do when you see these huge moves BEFORE they break out.

Renowned for his ability to simplify trading strategies, Guy Cohen has put together a powerful, easy to apply trading strategies that have produced outstanding results. The proven flag pattern indicators and simple option strategies included in this course make profitable trading within your reach.

You get actual charts and the filters that Cohen himself uses to consistently bring in money plus detail explanations of how he uses options strategies like straddles, strangles and diagonal calls and puts. Like the flag patterns and other indicators he shares, these option plays are very simple and easy to execute. Thousands have used Cohen’s books to tap into the generous income that can be made from the markets and now you can have his latest tactics and updates at your fingertips.


• It confirms when the market has revealed its direction, making sure you get in and out at the best time,

• Protection against the downside that limits or even removes loss potential,

• Very clear entry and exit instructions designed specifically for this approach,

• Complete plans for each pattern to optimize their effectiveness.

You will see which indicators multiply the power of these patterns and narrow your trading choices to the most profitable trades. In addition the course give you the exact details of consolidation patterns that are literally spotlights on massive upside trades as they build up power. Just think of what you can do when you see these huge moves BEFORE they break out.

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