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Jonathan Creek

Like, Comment, Share, Buy

The beginner’s guide to marketing your business with video storytelling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: January 19, 2021

Nr of Pages: 208

Take your video marketing to the next level with this practical and insightful resource

Like, Comment, Share, Buy: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business With Video Storytelling delivers powerful and actionable strategies to move your company’s brand to the forefront of your customers’ imaginations. Celebrated author, speaker, journalist, and consultant Jonathan Creek explains why video is the most impactful medium in which to market online and how you can leverage it for maximum benefit.

Providing a fully interactive experience for readers through the book’s video companion app, Like, Comment, Share, Buy contains an approachable and comprehensive method to unlock the power of online video and discusses topics like:

  • How to make social media videos with just your smartphone
  • The formula to creating contagious, compelling and viral content
  • The scientific research underlying the author’s approaches to social media
  • The tools and tips to marketing your small business on social media

Perfect for social-media savvy entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, and advertising agents, Like, Comment, Share, Buy provides a compelling message that deserves to be heard by anyone hoping to increase their online and offline profile.


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