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Michael C. Thomsett

Options Trading for the Conservative Investor

Increasing Profits Without Increasing Your Risk

Publisher: Prentice Hall/Financial Times

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 255


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If you’re an investor concerned with preserving capital, maximizing predictability, and maintaining consistently strong returns, your best solution just might surprise you: options. In Options Trading for the Conservative Investor, Michael C. Thomsett reveals a narrow band of options strategies that can help you achieve steady, double-digit results as you systematically reduce unnecessary risk throughout your portfolio. Thomsett, author of the global best-seller Getting Started in Options, writes in simple, nontechnical language, uses real examples, and guides you through every strategy – one easy step at a time. He’s made this book simple and visual enough for any experienced investor to use, even if they have no experience trading options.


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