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Profitable Set-ups for Volatile Markets


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Learn how to make the most of today’s volatile markets with the help of John Carter, commodity trading adviser with and author of the bestselling book Mastering the Trade. Using a variety of indicators, Carter offers detailed exit strategies so you can keep the profits you worked so hard to find. Combined with his expert advice on market psychology, these techniques will put you well ahead of the curve.

With years of experience and real-world examples, Carter’s course will show you:

• How to use heikin-ashi bars and candlestick patterns to identify exits in volatile markets

• Why Fibonacci extensions are powerful for predicting new highs and new lows

• How to accumulate positions in quiet markets to maximize moves

• The relationship between Bollinger bands and Keltner channels, and how to interpret them

• How to use the RSI to find trendbreaks and exponential moving averages to establish retracements

The setups in Carter’s course are designed to help you develop the skills necessary to profit from highly volatile markets. Learning to interpret these indicators and recognize big moves will give you opportunity after opportunity to profit. After that, all you have to do is take them!

Carter details the Heikin-Ashi Technique for trading Candlesticks. Heikin-ashi means average in Japanese and this is the perfect way to eliminate irregularities from normal charts. With the noise removed, the trends become clearer and the consolidations are easier to see, and let you trade for money. John gives you the parameters behind this basis for his Trade the Market Trend system shows you exactly how it can generate benefit for you.

This master of calculated wins goes on to expose the specifics of the indicators that have provided the biggest results:

• Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels, (two incredible indicators) to pinpoint peak consolidation and put yourself in the ideal spot for big gains,

• Key Fibonacci levels that show ironclad exits and generate returns,

• How to apply the Arms (TRIN) Index to day trading to reveal the true health of the market and prevent yourself from getting blindsided,

• What is the Tick and how to use it like an ATM to pull money from the market.

Market move in synergy with predictable relationships. Trading in multiple markets, even using ETFs or sector related stocks, simply provides more ways to make money. Understanding that a flat trend in one market might mean stronger, more tradable trend in another market can make sure you don’t starve waiting for the next trade. John Carter shows you how to exploit these market relationships and find the winning trades at any time.


• What mental hurdles can be removed to unleash your trading potential,

• A unique way to dramatically increase the trading power of Candlesticks,

• How to accomplish your trading goals and increase your choices of winning set-ups every day,

• His most effective indicator that accurately shows the overall market trend so you are always on the right side of the market,

• The details of the indicators he uses and how to apply them to enhance your system.

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