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Justine Pollard

Damaged Smart Trading Plans

A Step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: December 29, 2011

Nr of Pages: 264

$32.95 $10.00

Out of stock

Trading is a business and, and as with any business, those businesses who survive and thrive have a business plan in place. Smart Trading Plans guides readers through defining and documenting a trading plan which applies to their individual trading business. Smart Action Steps and example plan elements are included to guide readers through and illustrate the process of developing a plan.

Smart Trading Plans guides readers through the following:

  • Creating a trading system
  • Developing a trading routine
  • Selecting the right trading tools
  • Entries, exits and trade management
  • Understanding risk and money management
  • Developing a profitable mindset
  • Strategies for trading

Complete with useful trading tips and bonus planning templates (available at, Smart Trading Plans is essential reading for all savvy traders.


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