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Take control of Your Money

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Barry Lizmore is a financial planner holding the Certified Financial Planner designation.  Barry comes from a property background before commencing in the financial services industry in 1998.  His wide employment across the industry has given him experience in the full range of financial products, processes and strategies.  He has had numerous articles published in the local and national press and has appeared on talk back radio in Melbourne.

“Take Control of Your Money – Getting the Financial Advice You Need” aims to remove the mystery from the financial planning industry by taking a stepped approach to explaining the financial planning process.  Barry poses the following questions that are key to the books theme:

  • When do I need financial planning advice?
  • How much can I do myself?
  • How do I get the advice I need?

Barry answers these questions by providing a brief history of the industry in Australia, defining financial planning and then explaining how to choose a financial planner and covering what someone should expect to pay for advice.  Importantly, the book also outlines the Future of Financial Advice reforms that impact not only on financial planners but also those seeking advice.  Many of the reforms, which aim to improve trust and confidence by tackling conflicts of interest, will come into effect on 1 July 2012. 

Barry’s style is very easy and the logical flow of the book enhances the ease with which it can be read.  The book’s plan unfolds along the line of the definition that Barry provides for financial planning advice, which is to, “Achieve Financial and lifestyle goals in a tax efficient manner using risk reduction strategies.”  Nearly one third of the book explains the financial planning industry and the financial planning process, before evenly covering goals, risks, insurance, investments and the cost of advice, giving the book it’s rather unique position.

Barry best sums up his book, “In summary, people know that they need advice, they need help, but they just don’t know where to go and who to trust.  These are the questions this book tries to answer.”


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Lizmore, Barry


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