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The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators



The first part offers an in-depth introduction to the use of momentum analysis in markets from stocks and indexes to commodities and currencies. Here, he covers the essentials like:
· Oscillator interpretations
· Classic divergences
· Divergence variations
· Trendlines
· Peak and trough analysis
· Moving averages
· Changes in primary trends
· The Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)
· The Moving Average Convergent Divergence Indicator (MACD)
· Stochastics
The second part introduces 25 powerful oscillators and explains how each can be used to improve trading accuracy, including:
· Linear regression approaches
· Volume oscillator
· The Demand Index
· The Chande Momentum Oscillator
· The Dynamic Momentum Index
· The TRIX Index
· Qstick
· The Directional Movement System
· The Commodity Selection Index
· Price Projection Bands
· The Parabolic
The Ultimate Guide to Momentum Indicators is a unique combination of text and audio-visual CD tutorial. It is an excellent teaching tool for in-depth research, instant reference, and interactive review. It provides technical traders with remarkably accurate methods—proven effective in today’s fast-moving markets—for anticipating and exploiting trends.

Weight6 kg
Dimensions32.5 × 23 × 2 cm


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