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The Politics of Deceit

$39.95 $20.00


A compelling indictment of the Bush Administrationa s cynical, anti–democratic manipulation of the media In this devastating analysis of American politics today, a former Democratic campaign advisor pulls back the curtain on the pervasive political manipulation of the media–and reveals just how fragile our democracy is. From political ads and talk shows to mainstream media reporting, Glenn Smith shows how American political discourse is now dominated by carefully scripted images and rhetoric–most of which benefit the Republicans and their corporate allies. The result is public apathy toward politics–and a real threat to American freedom. To reclaim our nation, Smith argues, we must revitalize politics at the grassroots level–and liberals must realize that religion and spirituality are not antithetical to a progressive agenda. For anyone troubled by manipulative political advertising, self–aggrandizing celebrity pundits, and the undiminished role of money in politics, this necessary book lays out the full scope of the problem–and points the way toward solutions. Glenn Smith (Austin, TX), a former journalist and political consultant, managed MoveOn.orga s Defending Democracy Campaign. He is currently managing, a spin–off of MoveOn, and a consultant to the Rockridge Institute, a progressive think tank.

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Smith, Glenn


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