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Trading U.S. Dollar / Euro: Trading Tips and Strategies DVD


The U.S. dollar/Euro is the most widely traded currency pair in the world, with billions of dollars traded every day.  In this special educational workshop, currency expert Kathy Lien provides a variety of valuable insights and strategies to help traders to profit in this important market.  Lien notes that, unlike stocks, currencies do not trade around a valuation metric.  Moreover, as trading moves from Asia, to Europe, to the U.S. through a trading day, short-term trends tend to get magnified because traders have to adjust positions in response to what happened in the earlier time zone.  As a result, following rather than fading short-term trends is often the best strategy.   Lien reveals other characteristics of the dollar/Euro market, including: the importance of round numbers due to resting orders placed by corporations; why there is an innate demand for U.S. dollars due to its reserve currency role; and why Germany and the European Central Bank have far more impact on the currency than all EC countries combined.  Lien emphasizes that traders need to be aware of both fundamental and technical and the best trades are when fundamentals, technicals, and sentiment  point the same direction.   Finally, she discusses how she uses double Bollinger bands to swing trade.   Filled with incisive comments from an active trader, this video will teach viewers:

–          What to look for and how to interpret comments from major central banks

–          How technicals and fundamentals interact to provide trading opportunities

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Dimensions32.5 × 23 × 2 cm

Lien, Kathy


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