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Rudy Filapek Vandyck Book Bundle



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bear

2016 was genuinely an extraordinary year for investors and for financial markets. This book offers a chronological run down of sentiment and commentary as events unfolded and the year progressed, written and observed from an Australian perspective inside the centre of turmoil and confusion. The ultimate goal is not so much to preserve the memories of what became an episode filled with macro and micro surprises, and wild volatility, but more so to preserve, accumulate and highlight experiences and insights, and to draw valuable, timeless lessons. This is not just a book about 2016. The author’s ambition is for it to stay relevant long after 2016 has disappeared from everyone’s calendar.

Change: Investing in a Low Growth World

An expose on the many macro trends that are keeping a lid on economic growth, inflation, bond yields and interest rates and how this is impacting on companies and economies worldwide. The underlying thesis is investors should no longer rely on what worked in the past, but instead they should adapt to the new environment and adjust their portfolios and strategies accordingly. Many of the themes have a global carry, but when it comes to the nitty gritty, this book is aimed at the Australian share market.

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Filapek-Vandyck, Rudi


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