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Alan Hull

Active Investing

How to Manage Your Portfolio Like a Professional in Less than One Hour a Week

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: May 4, 2016

Nr of Pages: 184


Why pay a financial adviser to manage your portfolio when you can do it yourself — all in less than one hour a week?

The first edition of Active Investing was an Australian bestseller and a must-have for all DIY share investors and traders. In this book, sharemarket expert Alan Hull provides all types of investors with simple but effective methods for keeping one step ahead of the market using low-risk, tried-and-tested techniques.

Fully revised and updated due to popular demand, this new edition will show you how to profit in all sharemarket conditions. You’ll discover:

  • when to buy shares, when to hold them and when to keep your money in the bank
  • how to survive volatility and even profit in a falling market
  • how to sensibly use CFDs and protect your portfolio from market risk.

Manage your portfolio like a professional — become an active investor!


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