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Martin Roth

Analysing Company Accounts

Publisher: Wrightbooks

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 138


Company annual reports and prospectuses contain a wealth of vital data regarding the health of a company, yet few investors use these resources to their full potential. Analysing Company Accounts 4th Edition will help you to understand the information presented and to know which figures are useful and which can be misleading. Roth’s suggestions for monitoring your portfolio are based on ratio analysis. Side?stepping the purple prose of company directors, investors canĀ — with the help of a calculator — compare, contrast and ascertain the actual stability and growth potential of any publicly listed stock. Importantly, real examples from company reports of 15 of Australia’s Top 500 companies are used to highlight and clarify the book’s lessons. First published in 1995, this title was soon Number 1 on the Stock Exchange Book Centre’s 30 Top Sellers list. Continuing popularity with investors has seen Analysing Company Accounts updated through 2nd and 3rd editions, and this new 4th edition has been rewritten to reflect today’s changing market conditions. Comprehensive, wide?ranging and practical in their coverage of the sharemarket, Martin Roth’s suggestions will prove a valuable educational tool for both established investors and newcomers alike.


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