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Simon Russell

Applying Behavioural Finance in Australia

12 Strategies for Fund Managers, Financial Advisers, Asset Consultants, Super Funds and Other Sophisticated Investors

Publisher: Simon Christopher Russell at Trustee for the BCF Consulting Services Trust

Publication: June 8, 2016

Nr of Pages: 244


Insights from behavioural finance are increasingly finding their way into mainstream financial media and the consciousness of regular investors. However, often what is presented is vague and un-actionable, and designed for an unsophisticated audience. We are all human. Behavioural biases apply to professional investors too, sometimes more so, but not necessarily in the obvious ways we often read about. They impact the way super funds choose asset managers, how asset managers forecast company earnings, how advisers engage with clients and the functioning of investment committees and trustee boards. This book is different. It brings together international research with the author’s unique experience as a behavioural finance specialist consultant to a diverse range of Australian professional investors, corporate decision-makers and advisers. Behavioural insights are translated into 12 actionable strategies. Where possible, the financial impacts of each strategy are quantified. The consequences are often hidden but are nonetheless real. Billions of dollars of Australians’ retirement savings are at stake.


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