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Barton Biggs

Biggs on Finance, Economics, and the Stock Market

Barton’s Market Chronicles from the Morgan Stanley Years

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: March 19, 2014

Nr of Pages: 432


Released to the public for the first time, writings by the incomparable Barton Biggs

Long considered one of the best brains on Wall Street, Barton Biggs acquired the stature of a legend within his lifetime. Among his many coups, he accurately called the rise and fall of the dot-com market. Biggs was an energetic promoter of emerging markets, including China, well before American businesses began flocking there. In doing so made vast fortunes for his clients, in the process.

But, as this fascinating book confirms, it wasn’t Biggs’s genius as a market analyst and hedge fund manager alone that made him special. The product of a keen and broad-ranging intellect in full command of his subjects—and the English language. The letters compiled in this volume leave no doubt that Barton Biggs was one of the most interesting observers of Wall Street, the financial world, and the human comedy, ever to set pen to paper.


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