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Louise Bedford

Charting Secrets

Stop Reading Start Practicing

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: April 23, 2012

Nr of Pages: 970


It is a common myth that the sharemarket is a fast ticket to the easy life. Buy a few shares and watch them go up. Call your broker for up-to-the-minute price information as you drive the Porsche to the golf club. Yell ‘Sell! Sell! Sell’ into your mobile as you ski through the Swiss Alps. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Louise Bedford believes that the only way to be successful in the market is to spend time studying and putting in the hard work, just like any other job. With this in mind, she has written Charting Secrets. Not just another trading book, Charting Secrets is a workbook that will have you practising what you have read, and really learning the techniques, rather than just reading about them. Louise starts with explanations of charting patterns and methods, and provides charts for you to practise on. She then provides step-by-step solutions so you can compare your results with hers. 

In this workbook you will learn the secrets of:

  • charting basics
  • lines, volume and moving averages
  • macro reversal and continuation patterns
  • candlestick charting and system development
  • going long and short
  • trading psychology — and much more.

In her usual easy-to-read style, Louise will have you recognising v-reversals, shooting stars, share stages, double tops, triangles and tasuki gaps in no time.


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