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Barbara Rockefeller

CNBC 24/7 Trading

Around the Clock, Around the World

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: February 28, 2002

Nr of Pages: 320

$42.95 $15.00

“Marshall McLuhan said, ‘We have become a global village,’ CNBC has helped lead the way in creating a global village for the financial markets. Readers will finish CNBC 24/7 Trading feeling smarter about the markets and really understanding how important it is to be in the information flow.” -Mary Meeker, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
“CNBC 24/7 Trading unlocks the mystery of how individual investors can invest and trade everywhere all the time. This book will become the investment bible that levels the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street.” -Robert J. Froehlich, Vice Chairman, Kemper Funds Group Managing Director, Scudder Kemper Investments
“TD Waterhouse has operations in eight countries, so we see that growth in international investing is accelerating. To be successful investing around the globe, investors need both information and insight. CNBC 24/7 Trading covers what individual investors need to know in a thorough, easy to understand way.” -Steve McDonald, CEO, TD Waterhouse
From the Foreword
“CNBC 24/7 Trading . . . embraces the reality that the markets never stand still . . . this book is a guide to the emerging 24/7 marketplace, a road map to the potential rewards for investors who can grasp that marketplace’s opportunities and understand its risks.”-Sue Herera
“This definitive book on investing in the 24/7 markets provides the comprehensive tools for active investors and market pros alike. Offering information and advice on trading, obtaining research, measuring market volatility, and assessing local market risk, no smart investor should venture without it.” -Linda R. Killian, CFA, Principal, Renaissance Capital


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