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Exchange Traded Funds DVD


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An ETF “shadows” or replicates, the performance of a particular market, index, or sector. They are baskets of stocks that – like mutual funds – enable you to buy or sell a portfolio of securities in a single purchase. Unlike mutual funds, however, you can trade ETFs just as you would an individual stock. You can buy and sell them at intraday prices. This is a liquid market.

The ETF offers investors a diversified way to play economic sectors, global financial trends, market events and other so-called “special situations.” For individual investors, ETFs are the amongst most-innovative, and most-powerful investment instruments to hit the financial markets in recent years. CFDs are a trader’s instrument and an important innovation. ETFs are an active investor’s instrument. This presentation introduces you to the benefits and strategies for trading these instruments.


This dynamic presentation will teach you how to:

  • When to use Exchange Traded Funds

  • Portfolio Stability

  • Creating a Hybrid Portfolio using ETFs

  • The Advantages of using ETFs

  • How the Index always rises

  • Dividend Alpha and how to use it

  • Active diversification at reduced risk using ETFs

  • How to combat Trading Innefficiency

  • Averaging for real performance

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