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Family Business Success Stories

How Australia’s Iconic Family Brands Have Stood the Test of Time

Publisher: Major Street Publishing

Publication: January 1, 1970

$34.95 $29.95

Family Business Success Stories tells the stories of eight of Australia’s oldest and best-known family-owned businesses in Australia, all of them more than 100 years old. The stories illustrate the passion within each generation and demonstrate the influence of individuals in the families on the evolution of a successful business against a background of the social and economic history of Australia. Each chapter tells the story of how the business started, the hopes and dreams of the founders, the colourful characters, humour, setbacks and tragedies along the way. For fellow family-business owners there are lessons to learn about innovation, collaboration, conflict resolution, resilience and transfer of leadership. This highly engaging book, will appeal to both the family business community and consumers of these eight iconic brands. It sends a strong message to Australian consumers about the social, cultural and economic value of family owned businesses and is a must-read for anyone contemplating starting a small business or any family business in its first or second generation.


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