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Finding Wealth Winners the Teaminvest Way

By: Howard Coleman, John Price 

How You Can Start on the Path to Avoid Capital Killers and Choose Wealth Winners

Publisher: Teaminvest

Publication: August 2, 2020


This is a collection of letters and articles by Howard Coleman and John Price describing how you can start on the path to avoid Capital killers and choose Wealth Winners. We compiled this book to help you, as an investor, put together and run your share portfolio to deliver 15-20% annualised returns over a long period. Such market-beating returns are made possible by a focus on identifying potential Wealth Winners┬« while avoiding damaging Capital Killers?. The aim of this book is to provide you with the philosophy you need to adopt, together with the tactical approach to take, in order to achieve these Wealth Winning returns. We believe investing should be both fun and financially rewarding. This has been true for us over many years and we hope through this book that you too may have fun while running a financially rewarding portfolio.You’re more likely to enjoy running your portfolio when you achieve excellent returns. This book aims to assist you to achieve both: an enjoyable stress-free portfolio delivering excellent returns.


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