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History of Greed


Praise for “History of Greed: ‘David Sarna is a visionary technologist. He is also a sophisticated investor and financier. He has written a readable, comprehensive, fascinating, and well-researched book that explores troublesome aspects of the financial system in a way only an experienced insider could’ – Jay N. Goldberg, Senior Managing Director, Hudson Ventures. ‘A comprehensive review of what has happened to us in our financial markets over and over and over and over again. It’s an important history, written with wit and delivered with wisdom. Undoubtedly, “History of Greed” will become required reading for anyone serious about understanding the capital markets’ – Frederick L. Gorsetman, Founder and Managing Member, Oxbridge Financial Group, LLC. 400 years of financial fraud in the making. From the earliest financial scams of the seventeenth century, through the headline-grabbing Wall Street scandals of our times, “History of Greed” provides a comprehensive history of financial fraud. In it, David E.Y. Sarna exposes the true and often riveting stories of how both naive and sophisticated investors alike were fooled by unscrupulous entrepreneurs, lawyers, hedge fund managers, CPAs, Texas billionaires, political fundraisers, music managers, financial advisers, and even former Mossad agents. From the people behind the financial fraud and how they did it to why people continually fall prey to scam artists, Sarna outlines what actions you can take today to protect yourself from becoming the victim of tomorrow’s ‘too good to be true’ investment opportunity. “History of Greed” details how markets are manipulated, books are cooked, Ponzi schemes are hatched, and how the government only closes the barn door once the cows have all escaped.

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