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David Wessel

In Fed We Trust

Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic

Publisher: Scribe Publications

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 323

$32.00 $15.00

‘Whatever it takes’That was Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s vow as the worst financial panic in more than fifty years gripped the world and he struggled to avoid the once unthinkable: a repeat of the Great Depression. Brilliant but temperamentally cautious, Bernanke researched and wrote about the causes of the Depression during his career as an academic. Then when thrust into a role as one of the most important people in the world, he was compelled to boldness by circumstances he never anticipated.The US president can respond instantly to a missile attack with America’s military might, but he cannot respond to a financial crisis with real money unless Congress acts. The Fed chairman can. Bernanke did. Under his leadership the Fed spearheaded the biggest government intervention in more than half a century and effectively became the fourth branch of government, with no direct accountability to the nation’s voters.Believing that the economic catastrophe of the 1930s was largely the fault of a sluggish and wrongheaded Federal Reserve, Bernanke was determined not to repeat that epic mistake. In this penetrating look inside the most powerful economic institution in the world, David Wessel illuminates its opaque and undemocratic inner workings, while revealing how the Bernanke Fed led the desperate effort to prevent the world’s financial engine from grinding to a halt.In piecing together the fullest, most authoritative, and alarming picture yet of this decisive moment, In Fed We Trust is a breathtaking and singularly perceptive look at a historic episode in American and global economic history.’Wessel . . . wraps his incisive mind and elegant prose around an unfolding catastrophe. It’s all here: exclusive interviews, startling disclosures, brilliantly rendered moments of panic and improvisation. . . (W)itty and poignant, even as it manages, page by page, to make sense of it all. This is the first ‘must read’ book of the great panic.’-Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Way of the World


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