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Art Collins

Market Rap

The Odyssey of a Still-Struggling Commodity Trader

Publisher: Traders Press

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 229

$54.65 $15.00

Few books depict both the up and down sides of the trading world as completely as this. The author leaves his job with a generous, secure income to pursue the life of a full-time floor member, and in so doing endures the loss of security, the consternation of his family, and personal demons that threaten to undermine his dream. His odyssey is poignant and funny, harrowing, and altogether human. His trials will strike familiar chords with anyone who has ever traded a market, and his tribulations will similarly enrich the reader. The book includes some highly effective trading ideas and methods that have earned Art money over the years. A must read for anyone who appreciates honesty over hype.


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