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New Warrant Trading


Volatility is back. This is not classic volatility. This is “destroy your position, smash your stop loss” volatility that annihilates long term investing and makes mastering short term trading essential. Time in the market is now the largest risk so the challenge is to maximize trading returns in the shortest time possible. This demands derivative leverage and warrants provide an excellent solution. This DVD includes new methods and techniques suitable for today’s changed market conditions.
This exciting DVD explores and explains a variety of warrant trading tactics. The DVD includes an in-depth coverage of classic warrant analysis and trading. Discover insights into how the market makers approach the pricing and structure of the bid and ask prices you see on the trading screen. Explore the warrant trading edge found between classical warrant theory and actual market behaviour.
Then take the next step and explore the opportunities that come from the difference between the theoretical behaviour of warrants and the actual behaviour in an active and liquid warrant trading environment. Understand how to extract trading opportunities from warrants found in thin or apparently illiquid warrant markets. These are the hidden gems of warrant trading. This is the ATMM warrant trading strategy and it is explained in full with detailed animations and explanations.
This DVD has unique animation of charts and diagrams. See how trades unfold in real time with each development explained.


This dynamic presentation will teach you how to:

• Identify warrant volume and price relationships to get the optimal entry
• Understand volume behaviour in the warrant series
• How to read order lines and queues to understand what is really happening
• How to recognise order leapfrogging to identify buying and selling momentum
• Exploit the difference between theoretical and emotional warrant pricing.
• Trade with the warrant issuer market maker
• Effectively trade warrants in illiquid markets
• Generate an extra edge when trading dividend stocks
• How to use warrants to trade news events and news releases
• And much more
• Over 60 minutes running time.

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions32.5 × 23 × 2 cm

Guppy, Daryl


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