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Ron Forlee

Real Estate Development Strategy for Investors

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: August 1, 2022

Nr of Pages: 352

$36.32 $31.77

In an ultra-competitive real estate market, what differentiates the truly successful real estate developers from the others?

If you want to achieve greater returns and fully leverage your investment, you’ll need new and creative ideas to set you apart and give you an edge.

In Real Estate Development Strategy for Investors, successful developer and bestselling author Ron Forlee shares how you can turn your property portfolio from a hobby into a highly lucrative career. Featuring industry-insider strategies, an advanced take on fundamental investment types and detailed case studies, this book will give you the methodologies and strategies to help you find better investment deals and increase your overall profits—whether investing in residential or commercial property development.

This book is perfect not only for developers and agents but also for everyday Australians looking to boost their financial security by investing in real estate development. Its fresh perspective on alternative strategies provides new ideas and creative methods for getting ahead in today’s hot property development market.

Discover new and effective directions for your real estate investments. Learn how to:

  • form a real estate investment syndicate
  • find low-cost development land
  • secure funding from alternate sources
  • budget better and control costs
  • use blockchain technology to save money and time.

Real Estate Development Strategy for Investors is a must-read for any investor seeking to go beyond the ordinary and advance their career in real estate development.


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