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Glen James

Sort Your Money Out

and Get Invested

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: November 8, 2021

Nr of Pages: 400

$32.95 $29.95

It’s time to learn how to manage your money and understand investing

In Sort Your Money Out: and Get Invested, former financial adviser and host of the my millennial money podcast Glen James shares a life-changing approach to the major milestones of your personal finances, such as dealing with debt, embracing a realistic spending plan that works, buying your first home, investing in shares and creating the plan you need for long-term financial success. You’ll get the accessible and friendly help you need to get smart with your money, and equip you with the skills and tools to understand and secure your financial future, invest in a property, in shares and in yourself.

Written in a matter-of-fact style perfect for anyone who just wants to know what works for them, you’ll also learn about:

  • Realistic ways to increase your income and help balance your budget
  • The methods that lead to a safer, more stable financial future
  • The smart way to invest in real estate and purchase a home or investment property
  • How to understand the share market, ethical investing, and your superannuation
  • Getting out of debt and getting the most out of your life

Ideal for anyone trying to get a handle on their personal finances and get started building a portfolio, Sort Your Money Out is a one-of-a-kind must-read book filled with practical and entertaining financial help to make sense of an intimidating, but crucial, part of everyone’s lives.


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