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Jamie Nemtsas, Drew Meredith

The Golden Years

How to plan a happy and financially secure retirement

Publisher: Major Street Publishing

Publication: April 9, 2024

Nr of Pages: 192

$29.95 $24.50

We call them the &‘ golden years’ . Retirement these days can span 30-plus years, so we need to plan retirement as carefully as we plan other phases of our life that span three decades &– our career, raising and educating children, and buying and paying off our home. This book helps you make this plan. It looks at the lifestyle you want to achieve in retirement, how to keep your money working for you when you are not working and how to set your affairs in order for the later part of your life when you inevitably become less independent. Most importantly, it helps you navigate the multiple challenges that will arise, with the benefit of the experience supporting those who have been there before.Packed with case studies from a career in financial advice, as well as practical and actionable insights, this book will educate, inspire and give you peace of mind as you plan for, transition to and live your best life in retirement.


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