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Jake Bernstein

The Investor's Quotient

The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities & Stocks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: April 24, 2000

Nr of Pages: 290

$49.95 $44.95

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Praise for the classic guide to gaining a psychological advantagein investment and trading

“The Investor’s Quotient is destined to go down in history as theultimate book on investor psychology . . . it explains thepsychology of a trader in clear and simple English . . . and itteaches highly effective methods designed to improve the bottomline . . .”-Larry Williams, author Long-Term Secrets to Short-TermTrading

“The Investor’s Quotient is a welcome breath of fresh air in whathas been a too-long-avoided subject-the psychological reasons whysome people win and most others lose in the commodity markets. Morethan that, Jake Bernstein proves in this book he is an excellentteacher, and clearly and candidly shows how greater knowledge ofyourself can become your most effective trading tool. It’s a mustfor every trader’s library.”-Leon Rose, Publisher Newsletter andManaged Account Reports

“Should be required reading for all traders and investors. It hashelped immeasurably through the years . . . I’d be lost withoutit.”-Don Sarno, Former Director
Commodities Educational Institute

“This is the classic book on investor psychology. It has paved theway to a new era of investor success and self-confidence . ..”-Steve Moore
Moore Research Center

“. . . convincing . . . This thoroughgoing manual should helpimpulsive investors save money.”-Publishers Weekly

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