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Jonathan Reed Aspatore

The New Electronic Traders

Understanding what it Takes to Make the Jump to Electronic Trading

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 196

$49.45 $15.00

In surprisingly candid interviews, successful day traders reveal their secrets for reaching the top – and staying there!The New Electronic Traders is packed with valuable insights for beginning electronic traders. Superstars of this hot field talk openly about how they learned the basics of electronic trading, acquired the necessary discipline to become full-time day traders, carved out their own trading styles, overcame common mistakes, and more.Written in an entertaining, non-technical style – and focusing on the hands-on information so valuable to new traders – this fast-moving book shows traders what to expect when they make the jump from online investing to the faster pace of direct access trading. It provides more hands-on information to help readers make better trading decisions. Topics covered include: The importance of a trading mentor; Strategies to levrage your assets; Alternative trading methods and techniques.


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