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The Warren Buffett Way

Book Review

Publisher: PCC

Publication: November 14, 2018

Nr of Pages: 39


Warren Buffett is the most famous investor of all time and one of today’s most admired business leaders. He became a billionaire and investment sage by looking at companies as businesses rather than prices on a stock screen. This new edition updates readers on the latest investments by Buffett and  it draws on the new field of behavioral finance.  Explaining how investors can overcome the common obstacles that prevent them from investing like Buffett.

New material includes how to think like a long-term investor – just like Buffett.
Also W
hy “loss aversion”, the tendency of most investors to overweight the pain of losing money, is one of the biggest obstacles that investors must overcome.
Furthermore w
hy behaving rationally in the face of the ups and downs of the market has been the key to Buffett’s investing success.
Finally the a
nalysis of Buffett’s recent acquisition of H.J. Heinz and his investment in IBM stock


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