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To Trade or Not To Trade 2nd ed ebook pdf


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You can be free.  You can live and work anywhere in the world, be independent from the routine, and not answer to anybody.

This is the life of a successful trader.

Many aspire to it but few succeed.  Newcomers often fail  to prepare for the markets tough challenges.  They keep making serious mistakes that could easily be avoided.

This book will help you decide whether trading is for you and teach you its key essential rules.

Success in trading is based on three Ms: Mind (psychology), Method (tactics), and Money (risk management).  Each of these areas is covered in its own section of this ebook.  The final section covers such practical topics as record-keeping, finding a broker, beginning to trade and continuing education.


How this book is organized

Free updates & the honor code

Is it possible to trade for a living?

Can anyone become a successful trader?

MIND – Trading Psychology for Beginners

What you need to succeed

Who should not trade?

No illusions

A trading aptitude test

Trading psychology resources

METHOD: Trading Rules for Beginners

Two ways to analyze markets

Mind the gap between price and value

Live data and day-trading

Going long, selling short, or spreading

What stocks to trade

Futures, options, and forex

Use multiple timeframes

Discretionary and systematic trading

Placing orders

Profit targets

Protective stops


The three essential numbers for every trade

The 2% Rule

The 6% Rule

Trade sizing – the iron triangle of risk control

What account size is good for beginners?


Paper trading


What is your edge?

Opening a brokerage account

Continuing education: books, software, etc.


Elder, Alexander


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