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Louise Bedford

Trading Secrets 2nd Edition - second hand

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: July 4, 2005

Nr of Pages: 244

$39.95 $15.00

Out of stock

Tired of hearing about the huge returns so many investors are reaping from the sharemarket? Eager to consistently achieve profits from your share trading? In the new edition of this popular trading book, Louise Bedford becomes a trading coach as she shares more than twenty secrets she has discovered on the way to becoming a successful trader. Known for her witty and entertaining style, Louise has demystified the world of share trading for thousands of Australian investors and traders. Trading Secrets includes fascinating insights into: * how to handle a windfall profit * entry and exit signals * psychological factors that affect trading performance * short selling, options and bear market strategies * setting stop losses and money management * why men and women trade differently. Fully revised and updated, the book also introduces readers to the new trading product contracts for difference (CFDs), explains the foreign exchange markets and expands on the psychological aspects of trading.


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