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Daniel Walsh

6 Principles to Retire Younger & Richer

Publisher: Major Street Publishing

Publication: January 30, 2024

Nr of Pages: 192

$29.95 $25.40

Based on his own experience building significant wealth at a young age, author Daniel Walsh shares a unique wealth blueprint anyone can follow to retire younger and richer. In this book readers will discover six principles that will help them achieve their wealth-creation goals and dreams.Covering everything the author learned on his own journey, along with multiple real-life case studies from people &– young and old &– who have vastly improved their financial lives, this book will help you change your money mindset and stop negative self-talk, create habits and rituals for long-term success (it’ s not going to happen overnight), understand why leverage is the superpower of highly successful people, tolerate and manage risk, understand compounding income and grow your assets, and create generational wealth so that your children, their children, and their children can continue to advance the fruits of your labour long after you are gone. Follow the blueprint in 6 Principles to Retire Younger & Richer and, no matter your age, background or wealth, you’ ll be one step closer to achieving financial freedom.


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