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Joel Greenblatt

The Little Investment that Beats the Market

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: April 16, 2024

Nr of Pages: 224

$41.77 $36.32

In 1952, in a seminal paper published in the Journal of Finance, Professor Harry Markowitz called diversification “the only free lunch in finance.” Of course, Markowitz went on to win the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work which still serves as the cornerstone of investment strategy for academics and professionals alike. And while, to this day, the concept of diversification has stood the test of time, the whole “only free lunch in finance” thing is about to go the way of the dodo (just like that expression).

You see, there’s a new Little Investment in town, and as hard as it is to believe, investors can now and forevermore get started on their second free meal. What makes something a “free lunch”? How about an investment that sounds too good to be true? Though this Little Investment just doesn’t seem fair and shouldn’t even exist-now it does.

If you’re still young, here’s a way to save for retirement in a tax-advantaged way while achieving higher compounded returns. But if you’re older, perhaps achieving higher portfolio returns while taking less risk is more appealing. This Little Investment can do that too! If you’re from the “if this is so great, how come it hasn’t been done before” school of investing, we feel your pain. But nothing can be done about that now. That’s actually what makes this investment opportunity new. Investors both young and old will now, for the first time anywhere, have a chance to learn about the fascinating, fun and previously untold story behind The Little Investment that Beats the Market.


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