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7 Business Habits that Drive High Performance

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7 Business Habits that Drive High Performance by Nicholas Barnett is an informative, instructive book that’s based on ground-breaking research.

To find out what any organisation can do to increase productivity, performance and profitability, author and business strategist Nicholas Barnett, decided to research what high performance organisations do that low performance organisations don’t do. Then, in order to improve, organisations just need to do more of what the high performers are doing. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Based on ground-breaking research, involving over 100,000 employees from around 200 organisations over a five-year period, including interviews with ten CEOs of high performance organisations, Nicholas’ extensive research uncovered that sustainable high performance was not fuelled by downsizing, outsourcing, cost-cutting or re-structuring – even in uncertain times. Instead, it was about adopting 7 interrelated and indispensable habits across the whole company, on a consistent basis.

But habits, by their very nature, are repetitive and enacted almost unconsciously. How can they become so deeply ingrained into the culture and DNA of an organisation that they become its way of life? This is the question this fascinating books sets out to answer.

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Barnett, Nicholas


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