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Bruce McComish


Why Businesses Fail While Individuals Succeed

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: November 28, 2001

Nr of Pages: 244

$37.95 $15.00

There are many strange phenomena in the world of business andfinance. We discover many curious things, comic and contentiousthat are not all explained by conventional finance or economictheory rather they follow the rules of antilogic.

Financial practitioners have been attempting to quantify, monitorand control financial
risk and yet, in spite of modern quantitative analysis and highlysophisticated modelling techniques they are no more successful inthis than in the past – the world of finance and business justdoesn’t add up.

This highly controversial and thought provoking book, written in alight and humorous style will not only entertain but also challengereaders to question conventional wisdom.

This book provides a clear look at the antilogic of the businessworld and financial markets. It describes the background conditionsthat encourage the creation of antilogic and demonstrates howbusiness personalities generate the antilogic concept.

Shows the antilogic created by accountants and looks at the role ofcash and makes the
discovery that much of antilogic stems from accepting as money,something different
which is defined in the book as Vapourcash and Anticash


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