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Eyes Wide Open

$34.95 $30.00

Directorship in Australia is a populated club, with thousands of individuals actively overseeing the operations, governance and strategies of every sort of commercial and government enterprise, and many hundreds more endeavouring to secure their first appointment. It is important that new directors find a board where they ‘fit’ and understand exactly what it means to be a company director. Almost like a marriage, they have to be compatible and share the vision and culture of the organisation, as well as understand the business and the finances.

Eyes Wide Open is written as a friendly, honest conversation providing first-time directors with invaluable – though not often shared – inside tips and insights about board membership and company directorship.

The book is divided into three parts:

  1. Pre-appointment: all elements of due diligence, meeting the chairman, CEO and CFO, discovering the company’s culture, financial and business plans and strategy
  2. Invitation accepted: the board induction process, meetings schedules, board etiquette and director personalities
  3. In the boardroom and beyond: expectations concerning directors’ duties, offsites and events, the key relationships, educational commitments, and using your intuition.

There are also handy checklists to help prospective directors with their due diligence.

Eyes Wide Open is an enduring and insightful guide for all new and aspiring directors, regardless of whether the appointment is with a not-for-profit, an equal representation board, government enterprise, family-run business, tech start-up, or an ASX-listed company.


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Weatherley, Robyn


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