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Alan Hull

Invest My Way

The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Market with Blue Chip Shares

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: July 9, 2012

Nr of Pages: 272


The definitive guide to buying blue chip shares on the Australian stock market

Designed for DIY investors looking for simple, practical, low risk strategies for managing their blue chip shares. Invest My Way is perfect for anyone interested in either trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares. Written by respected trader and market educator Alan Hull. The book provides readers with a unique, holistic investing strategy for managing blue chip shares to optimize both capital growth and income (dividends).

Beginning with basic coverage of managing blue chip shares, the book also includes invaluable information on managing portfolios. It also offers advice on when to buy, sell, and accumulate stocks. In-depth and comprehensive, Invest My Way is the latest instalment in Hull’s collection of investment texts. Other titles include Active Investing and Trade My Way. When, taken together, they provide readers with a complete stock market solution.

Essential reading for casual investors, including baby boomers, retirees, SMSF trustees, and those interested in trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares.


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