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Stuart Wemyss


The 8 Golden Rules for Mastering the Game of Building Wealth

Publisher: Major Street Publishing

Publication: April 5, 2018

Nr of Pages: 226

$29.95 $25.00

Winning at Monopoly requires having a little bit of luck, making the most of your luck and applying certain rules – such as buying as much property as possible, not spending all your cash (having some savings) and negotiating to get a full set of properties as soon as you can. Building wealth is no different. You can win at the game of building personal wealth by applying a set of proven rules: the 8 Golden Rules.

In Investopoly, Stuart Wemyss explains the rules he has formulated and refined over two decades of practice, observation and experience. They are not just theory, they are rooted in simple maths, academic studies and/or common sense. They are tested and have been proven to work. They are the rules of the investment game.

If you are looking to build wealth that will ensure you are financially secure then this is the book for you. Stuart possesses the rare skill of being able to make financial planning interesting. In this engaging and informative book, he gives sound, easy-to-understand information and encouragement to readers to help them with their planning, saving and investing for a comforrable lifestyle in retirement.

Stuart Wemyss is a Melbourne-based financial adviser who has over 20 years’ financial services experience. Stuart is a Chartered Accountant and is licensed to provide credit, tax, insurance and financial advice. This is Stuart’s third book. He is also the author of The Property Puzzle and the Smart Borrower’s Handbook.


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