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John J. Murphy

The Visual Investor

How to Spot Market Trends

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: November 1, 1996

Nr of Pages: 306

$49.95 $40.00

Availability: 1 in stock


“John Murphy is one of a rare breed: an expert technical analyst who can actually write. This combination of skills helped make his Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets a classic. Now John has written the perfect overview aimed specifically at the stock investor who wants to learn technical analysis. . . . The Visual Investor offers a complete course in technical analysis, lucid enough to be accessible to the novice, yet thorough enough to range well beyond the basics. . . . [It] is must reading for the stock and mutual fund investor who wants to start incorporating technical analysis as a decision-making tool.”
–Jack D. Schwager Author, The New Market Wizards and Technical Analysis

“The challenge of technical analysis is that it can be so technical. Now John Murphy, through The Visual Investor, explains everything for the common investor who wants to use technical analysis but doesn’t want an overly complicated presentation.”
–Thom Hartle Editor, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine

“As my research group relies heavily on market analysis for its research product, we get numerous inquiries from professional investors on where to find books on this topic. John Murphy’s The Visual Investor is my first recommendation to the novice investor as well as the investment professional. . . . [It] is the simplest and most helpful first look at markets that I have seen.”
–John Kozey III, CFA, CMT Equity Research Director, Bridge Trading Company


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