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Brian Perry

Ignore the Hype

Financial Strategies Beyond the Media-Driven Mayhem

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: September 9, 2020

Nr of Pages: 304

$49.95 $43.95

Secure your investment gains and supercharge your results with this down-to-earth analysis of investing fundamentals

Via powerful and unique insights, Ignore the Hype: Financial Strategies Beyond the Media-Driven Mayhem teaches readers how to keep their focus squarely on time-tested strategies for meeting their financial goals without getting distracted by a constant barrage of news headlines.

The book takes a common-sense approach to the financial world that’s ideally suited to the everyday investor. It covers topics including:

  • How to avoid competing against hedge funds in a game they’ve rigged
  • What you can do today to avoid taxes tomorrow
  • Wall Street’s Dirty Secret: Forecasting is just guessing
  • Why some of your investments have worse odds than a casino game
  • How the media circus can derail your financial plans
  • Surviving a world where financial advisors don’t have to act in your best interest

Ignore the Hype emphasizes the difference between short-term trading and long-term investing, how to filter the constant onslaught of information coming your way from every angle and separate the valuable content from the noise, and how to build a foundation for investment success based on common sense and academic research.


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