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Joel Greenblatt

The Little Investment that Beats the Market

Publisher: Wiley

Publication: July 3, 2024

Nr of Pages: 224

Learn a better way to invest from a bestselling author and top-performing fund manager

What if there were a better way to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets? What if this better way was simple, staring the investment world in the face for decades, but no one knew about it? What if it could help investors achieve higher returns, be more tax efficient, or even achieve the same returns with less risk? What if it were easy for both individual investors and sophisticated institutions to benefit? In other words, what if there were a new book that revealed a better way to invest that, until now, no one thought possible?

Well, ready or not, here comes The Little Investment that Beats the Market. Written simply, with humor, and a sincere desire to shake up the entire investment world. Author Joel Greenblatt is the founder of Gotham Capital and a managing principal and co-CIO of Gotham Asset Management. For over two decades, he served as a professor on the adjunct faculty of Columbia Business School. Joel is the former chairman of a Fortune 500 company, a co-founder and former chairman of the Success Academy Charter Network, and the author of The Little Book That Beats the Market (2006) and The Little Book That Still Beats the Market (2010).


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