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ASX Staff

Trading Options the ASX Way

Publisher: Wrightbooks

Publication: January 1, 1970

Nr of Pages: 220


Thinking about using options to generate extra income from your share portfolio? Assessing the possibility of speculating on the Australian Stock Exchange? Discovering the potential of leveraging your investments? Looking for short-term trading opportunities?Options open up a huge range of trading and hedging possibilities for traders and investors. Options trading has been growing steadily in popularity over the past 10 years. No longer the secretive tools of the professional investors, now retail investors are realising just what an effective wealth-creation tool options can be.Trading Options ?the ASX Way explains how to get started trading options and develop your knowledge and skill in this area of investing which allows you to profit from all market conditions. It discusses:* the jargon and terminology of the options world* buying and writing options* trading strategies using options* how options are priced and how they can be valued* how to contain your risk.Written by the expert educator team from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the information is clearly presented and explained to teach you how to profit from trading options ?the ASX Way.


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